Cristina Tremarin Jewellery was founded in 2020! In August 2005, 15 years ago, my story has started in Australia, this amazing country that I have the privilege to call home today.

I have always envisioned to establish my own business, and it is very exciting to see the business flourish, my Australian online jewellery store!

My goal is to ensure your satisfaction  with our products. Every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. The production processes, from the cutting of the stones, production of metal, galvanic and final assembly is held by the same factory. The jewellery pieces are all plated with 18k gold, silver or rhodium, and all the stones used are natural gemstones.

My mission is to provide quality products that are  environmentally friendly. The whole manufacturing process is designed in order to protect the environment in every way possible.  The factory has a treatment station for all types of waste generated during the production, making sure the ecosystem of the area and community are preserved. Also, besides all legal environmental licenses, further measures were implemented such as use of rainwater, ethical mining of the gems and low impact on local communities.

I hope you will enjoy our jewellery as much as we do!